Vingt briques pour un pantin
Eaux troubles

I will say of this novel that it is the most complex and achieved, regarding the richness of its characters in addition to its psychological intrigue where one finds the cursed triangle of a basic thriller: sex, money and power. 

"Vingt briques pour un pantin" was released in French speaking countries on February 2016.

Zacharie Hollinger, a young journalist from Nice, is abducted after a car accident for which he feels responsible. Running away, he kills his two jailers. Problem: there’s only one corpse. He spontaneously goes to the police and that could be a huge mistake because his villainous captivity will lead him to a – legal captivity. Out of prison, Zacharie imagines that switching to a new life, he will leave his past behind him.

Wrong! Not only does his past catch up with him, but it throws into the eddy of a devilish scheme from which Langsamer will drag him out.