Une passion dévorante

On a thin line where there's no boundaries between love, humor, harshness, glory and scam, this novel gives the horse racing world a dark and cynical image where the horse appears noble, pure and beautiful as opposed to man, venal and corrupt when not naive. A contrast certainly inflated - but crime literature has its requirements.

This ninth opus (the only one fully devoted to horse racing, in addition to "Une fièvre de cheval") tells the devouring passion of a woman, disturbing and mysterious, for a thoroughbred.

A low-grade contender becoming a champion.

But this devouring passion happens to be a ravenous one. This woman is a slayer who devours her preys. All the more dangerous as she is beautiful, intelligent and refined. Her fate will meet that of four men who all hope to take advantage of the champion. The novel is divided into four books whose title borrows the name of each victim.

Through these four men, the heroine wanders in a plot where beauty touches sordidness. A plot underlined by a police investigation whose culprit is known from the first pages ... but it will be necessary to wait for the last ones to know how she will be trapped.

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