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"Episto" being issued on November 13th 2020, my novels amount to sixteen + twenty-one short stories. Since the beginning of the Langsamer series (my hero was “born” in 2012), I try to keep up the pace of one issue per year.

Let's have a look at my main hits!




Released in november 2020, "Episto"  has been named after a serial killer who writes letters to announce his murders. Paris's Homicide squad requires the help of the letters addressee: Langsamer, former Deauville superintendant, now acting as a free private investigator. He is the recurrent hero of all my stories.  

Déraison d'état

Released in October 2018, "Déraison d’état" is a politics thriller, which plot takes place during a French presidential election campaign. All devices are permitted to bring down the opponent - including the darkest - when you are an outgoing president who does not want to leave!  

Vingt briques pour un pantin

I will say of this novel that it is the most complex and achieved, regarding the richness of its characters in addition to its psychological intrigue where one finds the cursed triangle of a basic thriller: sex, money and power.  "Vingt briques pour un pantin" was released in French speaking countries on February 2016.

Les neuf jours du cafard

"Les neuf jours du cafard" features a double investigation on each coast of the English channel. Normandy and glittering Deauville on one side, Cambridge, Newmarket and hilly Suffolk on the other. Langsamer at his best, juggling with this double clue. "Les neuf jours du cafard" was awarded Prix du Polar Normand (prize for the best crime novel in Normandy) on December 2020.

Le jour dernier

This thriller is unique because it takes place over 24 hours (hence the title) and follows the three units of classical tragedy: time, place and action. We are on December 25th 2013. A day like any other where red is the colour of Santa's dress as - the colour of blood.

Une passion dévorante

On a thin line where there's no boundaries between love, humor, harshness, glory and scam, this novel gives the horse racing world a dark and cynical image where the horse appears noble, pure and beautiful as opposed to man, venal and corrupt when not naive. A contrast certainly inflated - but crime literature has its requirements.

Opération Lazarus

"Opération Lazarus"  is my first thriller related to geopolitics. I build my creed around the Israeli-Palestinian crisis through a psychological plot where past and present merge into the insane brain of the main character. 

Le cheval du président

This is my first novel, published in 1997. "Le cheval du président" is an adventure novel more than a true thriller. Action takes place in a small country of Central America: Guatemala. The horse plays a key role, that of having a revolution succeed or - lapse.

La mort fait un tabac

A true crime investigation book, classic way, with a wink to "Auntie Agatha". By selecting the posh cenacle of a cigar smoker's club, I tried to reproduce the atmosphere so characteristic of the riddles enginered by this great lady of mystery literature. 

Le dossier Pouchkine

A novel of adventures rather than a thriller. Should it be because the subject is playful? Whatever - a decent number of corpses prove the plot to be rather dark. In a lethal political climate which opacity ends up with the deception of the reader.

Une fièvre de cheval

This novel is not a true mystery story. One could say it is a thriller but not really either. Somehow, a love novel where - cynism kills love. "Une fièvre de cheval" is a compound of all those items. A men's story - the horse being an instrument of power . 

Sang pour sang gentleman

This is doubtlessly the most controversial of my books. Some critics have called it "disturbing". Others have highlighted the insane assets given the narrator's confidences and secrets: a psychopath exercising his notions of aesthetics and, incidentally, a form of existentialist metaphysics - through murder.

Bemol Majeur

Here is the very first opus of the " Langsamer  series " as a novel. "Bémol majeur"  ("Flat major" in English) is a small mystery book of 148 pages. It takes its title from the action that passes off the circle of classical music. A pitch "à la Chabrol", Claude Chabrol being a noted French film director. Chabrol is famours for his social painting of the upper middle class. So is the plot of this novel, embedded into a  bourgeois  family drama. 

Double JE

A true thriller mixing current affairs with typical French dark pulp, back in the "Fifties". The title explains the double narration of the main characters (two twin brothers), rather unique in crime literature. The inevitable Langsamer doesn't fail to interfere amidst the twins as to solve a clue with unexpected consequences.

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Finally, if you feel comfortable with the digital world, you may read me on a pad. "Les neuf jours du cafard" and "Double JE" have their digital version and so will the next to come: "Episto". As for the 20 short stories I wrote in 2012, they've been directly published on digital support with12/21 publisher.