Released in november 2020, "Episto" has been named after a serial killer who writes letters to announce his murders. Paris's Homicide squad requires the help of the letters addressee: Langsamer, former Deauville superintendant, now acting as a free private investigator. He is the recurrent hero of all my stories. 

The pitch starts in June 1944, when the German army is about to leave Normandy. A French aristocrat, whose manor was occupied by the fleeing troops, manages by guile to save the major piece of his art collection from the looting. A secret veils it as no one is aware of its value. 60 years later, the son of the aristocrat is slain in the manor during a freemason meeting. An endless investigation leads to a cold case. Langsamer, then a young inspector, feels very frustrated.

In June 2019, Langsamer receives a letter in his Paris flat. It says three murders will be performed in a row. He goes to the Homicide squad with the letter and, when the first crime is perpetrated on Saint-Cloud racetrack, asks to survey the investigation. The victim is a former champion jockey. The second murder occurs two days later. A famous publisher is killed and a few days later it happens to be a surgeon with political ambitions. 

The three men have been slaughtered with unusual items that could lead Langsamer towards a track. As you may guess, there will be a few others and the reader will need 450 pages to find out the good one. 

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